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Welcome to the English version of Marianne Ventures blog. You will find some English written articles here on sporty and healthy lifestyle, psychology and psychology studies as well as stories and tips about adventurous lifestyle and travel. This English version is still under consrtuction so please stay patient. Meanwhile, chek out my YouTube and Instagram profiles.

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"When I was a kid, I read stories. Today I live them."

I have an adventurous and open personality. My hobbies include approximately twenty different sporty, musical, artistic and intellectual activities. For me, writing has always been an important way of organizing my thoughts and communicating ideas to other's. I started my first blog over ten years ago. Mainly, because the texts just emerge – why not to share them?

2019 I lived as a digital nomad, meaning that I was location independent and working remotely through my own company. Today, I study my second university degree in psychology and enjoy extremely active lifestyle.

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